Angel Whispers – The Eclipse

With all the hoopla on the eclipse that will experienced by millions of Americans, I couldn’t help but think of the metaphysical meaning of a solar eclipse. The ancient cultures created lore around the solar and lunar eclipses that carried the theme of a disruption to the established order. The Vikings saw a pair of sky wolves chasing the sun or the moon. Many ancient cultures saw these events as something devouring the sun. Like a Shakespearean tragedy, an eclipse meant something was very wrong. 

The moon and sun were out of order and chaos pursued. The news today will tell you power grids will be disrupted, gravity will be altered, and planets will collide, possibly hitting the Earth. Chaos is imminent according to many even today. I’m thinking of banging pots and pans during the eclipse to scare away the moon and to divert disaster, just like my ancestors! (tee tee)

What comes up for me regarding the metaphysical is the way that we humans can become separated from the light by some giant force outside our control. How do we respond to a momentary disconnection from Source? There are so many opportunities for separation to occur that the eclipse may be a cosmic experience that provides opportunity for unity on some level. Whispers of love are now being accepted on the subject of the eclipse:

From the light into darkness and back into the light provides the basis of humans experiencing extremes. Going from the position of stability, then being plunged into the mystery that comes with chaos, offers an opportunity for clarity and for balance. Returning to a world that will never be the same as in the hours previous sends a message of acceptance of the reality that life cannot be without change and the time at hand is for recalibration.

The movement of the planets and the cosmic cycle of the Universe can pull oceans upward and tear apart mountains. The effect on humans may seem subtle, but nature will always fill the vacuum. Anything that separates humans from the light brings chaos and disorganized movement of energy. The experience can create hyper-focus and clarity that ultimately open the door to finding balance. Through the extremes, the path to equilibrium is available as a gift from the Universe. The choice becomes clear: Will it be fear or courage, victimhood or empowerment, sleep or awakening, consciousness or disregard, or neutrality?

Nature provides the example and humans make the choice. Free will and destiny are the inescapable realities that create the journey of the soul. Love is the light that illuminates the path. Darkness is the reminder that life holds the freedom to choose and opportunity to create. The soul must move through the darkness to experience the truth found in the journey.

During the solar eclipse, take a moment to feel the Universe that exists inside. Allow the movement of the planets to change what was once known to enter a destabilizing force beyond what is known. Return to the light with a new vibration calibrated to being present in the moment. The return to the spark of light that connects all human consciousness can be experienced in a moment of presence and expressed through the journey of love from darkness to light.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“In the deep sky where there had been a sun, we saw a ring of white silver; a smoking ring, and all the smokes were silver, too; gauzy, fuming, curling, unbelievable. And who had ever seen the sky this color! Not in the earliest morning or at twilight, never before had we seen or dreamed this strange immortal blue in which a few large stars now sparkled as though for the first time in creation.” Elizabeth Enright 

 Angel Whispers – The Eclipse

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