Angel Whispers – Father

I find myself missing my father, Russell, who passed two days after his 80th birthday in 2009. As I was reflecting and becoming aware that this whisper would come out on Father’s Day, I looked at the list and realized there was no whisper on the subject of father in the ten years I have been publishing the Angel Whispers. 

In my sessions, I often hear from those who had loving fathers as well as those who felt shorted by their father. I was blessed to have a kind and loving father, even though he was a traveling salesman and often missing from parts of my childhood. But his influence was there and we continued to form a solid bond that grew stronger with age. I took the position of being one of his caregivers during his final days, where he taught me some of my most valuable life lessons.

Even today, he often enters my thoughts, my dreams, my sessions, and all my relationships, with an influence that reflects his quick-witted dry sense of humor, his intuitive intelligence, and his emotionally aloof yet playful nature. In my most recent dream, a rattlesnake was non-threatening around all the people. The rattlesnake came close with a whole rodent in its mouth, just as my father entered the scene and began to pet the rattlesnake (tee hee). That was definitely his sense of humor – finding a way to make people smile under intense circumstances. Let’s get a whisper on the spiritual nature of the father.

Procreation includes the seed of both the male and female essence as the beginning of new life, where the soul takes up residence in the physical body. Each seed contains the energy of karma, life force, ancestral DNA, and free will, comprising the forces that grow to become constant drivers at the heart of the current incarnation. 

Regardless of the conditions that surround each being following birth, energies related to life purpose can become conflicting to some degree. Conflicting drivers are mechanisms contained in the template of the soul, which create the magnetic elements that attract the people, experiences, and conditions under which that person will manifest the lessons agreed upon prior to birth. The soul journey is one that includes physical incarnation as a way to learn energetic balance by experiencing a three-dimensional world of polarities. 
The father energy will generally include aspects of the inherent emotional life drivers connected to male energy, such as character assertiveness, the giving nature, and the courage needed to deal with survival. Society may place labels, and even lay blame, on the perception of issues and influences related to the father. But every soul has the free will to make choices, overcome obstacles, align with truth, gain the power of discernment, and awaken to their purpose.

Whether the father is emotionally, physically, or mentally unavailable, or fully active as a role model, the father’s influence will always be connected to an individual’s spiritual growth, personality, character, relationships, connection to ancestry, karma, teaching, and learning. The complex nature of relationships influenced by the male energy presents the opportunity for each person to form their own persona and alignment to core values. The father influences taking risks, accepting responsibility, and the opportunity to manifest. With the father energy as a single factor, one can create a remembrance of their total sovereignty in a return to love. 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”  Umberto Eco

Happy Fathers Day! 

 Angel Whispers – Father

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