Angel Whispers –  Hormonal Intelligence

When the endocrine glands are compromised, the hormones can lose their ‘intelligence’. The result can be cravings, addictions, weight gain, negative thoughts, and destructive patterns that affect wellness. Once hormonal intelligence has been lost, extreme dietary changes, never-ending workouts, and just saying no to the desires might become more than a battle of wills. 

Shane Ellison has a Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry and is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant. He has appeared in the award-winning documentary Prescription for Disaster by Gary Null and Associates. Shane states, “This was probably the most valuable lesson I learned decades ago in graduate school as a medicinal chemist…it’s all about hormones, not sacrifice. When your body has been trashed by sugar, artificial flavors, and alcohol or meds, only your own, unique hormone balance, output, and sensitivity can remedy it.” Shane is often very descriptive with his passion and language! (tee tee)             

Restoring hormonal intelligence may take time and a dedicated consistent effort, but how do we create such a shift? Let’s get a whisper on the subject of hormonal intelligence:

Your hormonal intelligence can be compromised by several factors. Emotional, spiritual, or physical trauma can greatly impact the body energy centers and ultimately the balance of body chemistry. Unhealthy lifestyle choices can repeat a common message of self-destruction, which can impact the endocrine gland system. The combination of chemicals found in food and drugs, whether prescription or non-prescription, can negatively impact your body’s ability to respond naturally to present conditions, thus affecting hormonal intelligence.

The human body will follow the spirit in the exact same level of vibrations. One cannot exercise their body enough to create a healthy mind and spirit. Actions that align with life purpose, destiny, and free will bring balance to the human body on all levels. Hormonal intelligence is lost when the body rebels against the spirit for actions out of integrity. Lifestyle choices related to food, drugs, alcohol, and actions detrimental to physical health, along with actions detrimental to spiritual and mental wellness, adversely impact the hormonal intelligence.

Knowledge is held in the seed that creates life, and manifested through breath at the time of birth. Wisdom is delivered through awakening energies oscillating through the chakras, and is expressed through the endocrine glands system. Energetic blocks that occur in the endocrine system can result in one feeling cut off from themselves, their intuition, their life purpose, and their stability. When out of alignment, the endocrine system will continue to produce energy, but at a cost that can lead to failure under the stress of living out of alignment.

Take the time to quiet the ruminations of the mind and drop into the heart, where you will find true alignment with the self. The intelligence of the Universe is accessed through the endocrine system, filtered through the intuitive senses, and delivered to all energy systems of the body. Hormonal intelligence is restored when lifestyle matches life purpose, actions match spiritual integrity, and spirit is able to handle the emotional energies. Life awakens to higher intelligence, allowing love in all forms. 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“You see, I'd behaved pretty badly. Losing my head about someone I didn't really love and hurting someone I did. Why is one so stupid. The heart has its reasons and the endocrines have theirs.”  Aldous Huxley

 Angel Whispers –  Hormonal Intelligence

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