Angel Whispers –  Intention, Energy, and Destiny

Have you ever had a session with an energy healer or intuitive that left you feeling great, but the effects didn’t seem lasting? If so, what was your intent? With my practice, I suggest the client set intentions prior to having a session. Some people express that whatever spirit has for them will suffice, which can lead to a beautiful, powerful, loving session. But spirit doesn’t read our minds, usurp our free will, interfere with life lessons, or mingle with our energy. Maybe it’s a false narrative to suggest that spirit would have an agenda?

Working on yourself without intent is like getting on a bus without any idea where it’s going. What I see consistently with energy is a response to intent that allows for a very targeted focus. In some cases, the intention manifests immediate results and the client cancels the session (tee tee). This is not a good marketing model, but a great healing model nonetheless!

My issue with certain healing modalities is the inability to identify the areas in need of the energy. Love and light might hold intelligence, but even when resistance is present? If the intent, for example, is to discover energetic issues with regard to one’s relationship with money, the body, mind, and spirit will message any areas holding resistance. Together, we become the Zen archer who can clearly see the target, with a little help from our spirit friends.

Human energy comprises many dimensions that constantly shift and move in response to the expressions of the body, mind, and spirit. With any type of experience, the potential for shifting the movement of energy is greatly enhanced. With any trauma, real or imagined, the workings of the mind can lead to a form of disconnection from the self. The mind can engage in trying to figure out something that cannot be figured out. 

The body holds its own intelligence and remembers the pain of the past, which can create an energy that supports personality traits and behavior patterns. The formation of an identity in response to an experience of the past can lead to a refusal to take any kind of risk that feels similar in nature. The result can be the creation of a coping mechanism established at any time in life, many of which are formed in youth. 

Intentions are a type of unspoken language that travels through the hidden realms of human energy, sometimes communicating an agreement from the soul to the divine. Different from goals, intentions represent the deepest form of core alignment. Intentions are the rudder by which one takes command of their ship. There are times for sitting back and drifting down the river of life, and there are times when the intuitive wisdom says grab the rudder to steer clear of the rapids. Having learned the lessons hitting the turbulent waters of the past, one no longer needs to re-experience another painful lesson in life.

Commanding is one’s becoming the master of their fate, while demanding is like a child having a tantrum for not getting their way. Become the master of your destiny by establishing the intentions for wellness with a message to the spirit that this is who you are. An intention is offering gratitude to the Universe for learning the lessons of the past in language that communicates you are here to claim your destiny and your rightful bounty on Earth. 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be…” 
 John Lennon

 Angel Whispers –  Intention, Energy, and Destiny

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