Angel Whispers – Magical Thinking

Certain aspects of life offer leaning into gifts, while others offer leaning into traps. One trap that I often see within myself and others is engaging in magical thinking. Chasing that rainbow can lead to making commitments that are challenging to keep at best, and totally unrealistic at worst. Then there is all the screaming, the extreme crying, the rolling on the floor pounding fists asking why, and all the expressions of disappointment that follow (tee tee).

Spiritually minded people, visionaries, and those awakened to a higher consciousness are the best at magical thinking! I often observe this human nature. Magical thinking might be described as the creation of enthusiastic illusions that are unsupported by evidence or facts, or believing that one event happens as a result of another without a plausible link of causation. An example would be “If I learn my lessons, I won’t have to live another lifetime.” Perhaps some criteria support the thought, but they would be hard to prove to others.

We should all have our dreams, but what is wrong with magical thinking? Nothing, unless it creates avoidance of responsibility, unfulfilled commitments, bad choices, low self-esteem, or a disappointment that clouds consciousness. Let’s get a whisper on magical thinking:

Dreams create the tapestry of life, offering a direction to the journey of the soul. Dreams offer inspiration and the opportunity to create actions that lead to some form of fulfillment. Without dreams, there is little chance for the hope that allows for maintaining the highest vibrations around thoughts, life purpose, and positive aspects of mental body energies.

True visions are created out of the rainbow colors of light streaming from the heart into the non-physical dimensions. False visions are created out of fears that attach to the lower vibrations of negative emotions. Magical thinking can be created from false visions that build a structure of incorrect thinking. That structure can prevent certain truths from penetrating the thoughts that are supporting the actions. When something is missed in the critical thought process, disappointment and disheartenment can follow anything lacking in the manifestation.

Becoming a skilled visionary requires a certain level of grounding and stability of energy in order to present an accurate picture of the path ahead. What will be required, in the form of commitment and action steps, must be viewed from a position that is in alignment with the realities of life and the purpose behind the actions. Otherwise, whatever lies in the mystery might be leading to a lesson that must be experienced in order to follow a destined path.

Ideal outcomes are rarely scripted by the individual, and perfection is unattainable, so one would be wise to remain unattached to the future. An open mind, free from the distractions offered by desires, provides the stable energy needed for complete clarity. Breath connects dreams to reality, visions to actions, the physical to the non-physical, and thoughts to commitment. If you suspect you’ve wandered off the path to love and the illuminated expression of life from within, ask the simple question “Is this magical thinking?” 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Too many people confuse real magic with magical thinking. Real magic isn't a trick and it transforms our lives. Magical thinking is denial.
Real magic is what happens when we break old belief patterns and have the courage to employ the native laws of the Universe” Jacob Nordby

 Angel Whispers – Magical Thinking

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