Angel Whispers – Overanalyzing

More people under certain conditions may be prone to overthinking and overanalyzing. While the thorough analytical approach to solving problems and tasks is usually helpful, some can experience a mind with a tendency to race away and start working against itself (tee hee). Not being able to contain one’s mind can be scary and detrimental.

Obsessive patterns and non-stop analyzing can lead to more problems, like severe depression and anxiety disorders. Some studies indicate that women (57%) are more likely to overthink than men (43%). One study showed that overthinking was prevalent in young to middle-aged adults. Results showed that a whopping 73% of 23- to 35-year-olds were identified as over-thinkers!

I observe that sensitive people can choose to intellectualize their emotions, perhaps because emotions can be painful. The big reason for today’s whisper is the question I have about the relationship between overanalyzing and happiness. With the current state of the world, I know I can easily think my way right into a depressed state! Let’s get a whisper on the subject of overanalyzing and happiness:

Humans have entered a new age in their evolution that requires more mental focus, which can support a tendency to separate from the feeling dimensions of the heart. When one separates from that part of themselves, they might begin to overanalyze love, empathy, compassion, and things that are of the utmost importance. Yet those key aspects of life cannot be fully interpreted from the mind. Overanalyzing can create separation from the heart. 

Any separation from intuition, or from heart energy, can lead to resistance with all energy centers, creating a diminished ability of all systems to pull the energy up from the root chakra. The imbalance that results can lead to constant anxiety, fear, and an overall lack of stability. This form of chaotic movement of energy associated with an over-stimulated mind can lead to a clouded loss of connection to the whispers of the heart. Without the clear, channeled messages from the heart, one’s truth, guidance, clarity, decisions, and purpose get confused by the machinations of the mind. As the individual becomes lost in the maze of too much thinking, they may begin to experience a generally depressed energy within, which is a key indicator of blocked energy centers.

Mind mapping can arrange thought in the form of divergent thinking as a creative connection to the mind, body, and spirit. Meditation and moving meditation can relieve the mind from overworking. Ten minutes a day in the simple practice of focusing on breath can lead to a stronger connection to the voice of the heart. Engaging in hobbies, connecting with animals and nature, exercising, pushing beyond the comfort zone with certain activities, making time for rest, traveling, and daydreaming can help balance and restore the mind. 

With a quiet mind and an open heart come progressive insights, creative strategies, authentic expressions, more energy, and a greater capacity for love, passion, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“You will never be able to see clearly when people around you distort your view of truth with their own clouded version. You will begin to read into everything incorrectly and find yourself lost in a delusional story stitched together from the crumbs of over analyzed words once spoken, misunderstandings or speculation. Life should not be wasted by collecting clues or piecing together a puzzle about how someone feels. Love is straightforward and it is clearly seen on the cloudiest days of your life.” Shannon L. Adler 

 Angel Whispers – Overanalyzing

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