Angel Whispers – Thoughts 2,3, and 4

I’m sure everyone has experience sitting in a restaurant or public place and overhearing a conversation that compels you to listen in (tee hee). Sometimes people are talking so loudly, there is no escaping becoming a forced listener. Then there are conversations where single words and phrases seem to stand out. 

My sense was that the couple next to me was on their first date, and the man was telling her he was not responsible for his first thought. He did claim that he was responsible for the second, third, and fourth. The example he gave was that if a beautiful woman walked through the door and his first thought was ‘She’s gorgeous, I’d like to know her,’ he was not responsible for that. But if his second thought was ‘How can I meet her without my girlfriend knowing,’ that would be his responsibility. If the second thought was simply admiration, followed by trying to order food, followed by how much he cares for his girlfriend, those are all his responsibility.

What he was referring to was manifestation, and how our thoughts affect our actions and the way we draw things into our lives. Every manifestation begins with a single thought, and by watching those thoughts to becoming responsible for them, we manifest at the highest rate. My next thought is to engage in a whisper, followed by asking an angel to speak, followed by the thought that I need to listen (tee tee):

The young man is somewhat correct with his analysis. By observing thoughts and taking responsibility for the ones that become more organized, awareness can grow. Humans are bombarded by energies constantly, which can bring a thought or idea that is not part of the true voice from within. How the mental energy is handled around each thought leads to manifestation.

Random impressions present the opportunity for detailed arrangement and planning toward the actions that follow the initial introduction to any form of awareness. Each inspiration brings energy to the creation of movement that follows. As thoughts move on the thread of energy, actions become part of the strategy of fulfillment. Whether the thoughts align with personal integrity and core values is left up the power of individual discernment. 

The thoughts and how they become arranged are part of the responsibility’s taking form with each manifestation. The human journey is connected to the experiences that manifest from a single thought or impression, and how each lesson instills a teaching. How that teaching integrates to align with core vibrations can be an aspect of enlightenment and the full awakening to the current incarnation. 

Humans live in a magnetic domain structured around certain inescapable Universal truths. The experiences with people, circumstances, and situations that are drawn into the individual’s circle of life will have a direct relationship with the lessons connected to the desired spiritual growth energetically imprinted on the template of the soul. Being aware of thoughts 2, 3, and 4, creating actions that are in the highest alignment with the core, manifesting lessons of love, and being responsible for the organization of thought energy are what will define the measure of spiritual growth and accomplishments of this life. 

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” Marcus Wurelius 

 Angel Whispers – Thoughts 2,3, and 4

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