Who can benefit from a crystal light table session?

The Forsyth Crystal Light Table can used for a variety of reasons, including seeking alternative ways to deal with the damaging effects of stress, the release of negative emotions, the balance of emotional energy, the path to peace, the return to sovereignty, or simply having an experience that lifts the heart. Learn more about a Forsyth Crystal Light Table session.

What will an individual experience during a crystal light table session?

Each session can create a different experience based on intention. For some, the session might be described as a non-event, while for others, the session is akin to a Disney experience. But the session doesn’t necessarily end with the appointment, as the integration of energy and the results from the movement can continue for days, months, or even years with the unfolding of the desired shift. Some common reports are:

  • shudders or shakes
  • stomach noises
  • hot or cold air or energy movement, especially in the extremities
  • angelic healing usually described as the feeling of hands on the body
  • pressure changes around the body
  • visions or regressions that can include other lifetimes
  • interactions with spirits, loved ones, masters, guides, or angels
  • Reiki states that include energy snoring
  • altered states of consciousness or shifts in brain wave activity
  • receiving messages, answers, or guidance

What are some of the benefits of a crystal light table session?

  • chakra clearing
  • endocrine gland energy balancing
  • past life healing
  • increased intuitive skills and growth in consciousness
  • clarity
  • feeling the nervous system has been rebooted
  • aura cleansing
  • release of blocked emotions
  • balancing energy around emotional scars and trauma
  • release of addictions
  • return to sovereignty
  • inner child restoration
  • improved relationships
  • greater ability to forgive

How often should I schedule a light table session? 

Some choose periodic energy tune-ups for optimum health, while other clients schedule a series of appointments with an intentional focus on specific issues or challenges. For many clients, one session is sufficient as a catalyst for achieving their goals. Each session can be measured for results to determine the need for additional sessions. Schedule your session now

How long does a light table session last?

The complete assessment of energy, the intuitive impressions, the establishment of intentions, and the light table experience usually last two hours in a session with Russell. Two hours are needed for a complete light table session, especially for new clients. The session time can be scaled back once the criteria has been established. The time on the table ranges from ten minutes, for children and the severely ill, to 45 minutes for deep cleansing and energy shifting. Multiple sessions offer the option to spend one-hour on the light table, but these sessions leave little time for talk.

What is functional integration, and why is it important?

Functional integration is the time it takes for the body to come into full balance following a session. Transformation occurs over a period of time, while transmutation is an instantaneous effect. Both occur with the light table. The deeper the issue, the more likely the need for time to restore completely. The practitioner will work with the client to determine the integration period that follows any energy session. During this time, there are suggestions for the best way to integrate the energy. These suggestions include self-care, grounding, and avoiding more energy work as the body comes into full balance.

Can sessions be done remotely? 

Everyone can experience the light table, whether in person or across the globe. The remote sessions are done at pre-arranged times. The client will be asked to lie down for 45 minutes to an hour as they receive the energy at the same time the light table is operated. The energy is directed through ether to arrive infused with your intentions and connected to divine love. See more under the category of services titled ‘remote.’ 

What kind of people are seeking the light table experience?

Any person can benefit from a light table experience. Russell has worked on all ages, from 3 months to 105 years of age. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, healers, managers, musicians, students, clinical psychologists, teachers, and people from all walks of life and all races have been drawn to the experience and have shared testimonials

Since Russell's work is non-denominational, he has seen people from all religions and spiritual paths. The only belief needed to support the successful shift of energy is the knowing that everyone has a natural, innate, organic ability to heal.