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An elevated perspective to help you

Russell is certified as an Angel Therapist® by Dr. Doreen Virtue, who is a world renowned metaphysician, spiritual teacher, author and psychic. Using a variety of methods that evoke the senses beyond the body, Russell will connect with the archangels, your guardian angels, your higher self or the higher realms to deliver gentle messages of love based on your intentions for the session. These spirit-driven encounters will leave you with a renewed sense of ‘you’re not alone’, when it comes to dealing with the issues that surround aspects of life in areas such as love, career, health, finances, relationships and family. The angels will gift you with their elevated perspective in order to support you through the process of handling life’s challenges, while encouraging you through times of change.

A session specific to your needs and intentions

Energy testing performed during an angel reading, can help identity blocks that might be a factor in your ability to cope with issues such as grief, manipulation, anger and other toxic emotions that may be standing in your way from reaching the highest levels of success. With a better understanding and a clear picture of your direction, you will leave an angel reading feeling equipped to fully experience the life you were born to live. Besides the energy testing and intuitive impressions, an angel reading might include aura testing, connection to angels and archangels, identifying guides, realm information, teaching, oracle card and animal totem reading, chakra balancing, future predictions, past life information or anything that aligns with your intentions that serve the highest good. Each session can become a unique experience, as they are based on your intentions.

The energy of love, available to all

Angel readings are for all ages and walks of life, because the ‘light beings’ transcend all barriers of religion and beliefs to reach out to you and offer relief in your time of need. Children feel supported in an environment that opens to their world, so they may ask for more sessions when facing challenging issues at home or with school. Whether it’s an affirmations of what you already know to be true, a desire for learning and understanding or a revelation of the things you need to be aware of, the angels always deliver.

This service is non-denominational and Russell works with all faiths, even those who have no focus on spirituality or religion. The messengers from spirit that we call angels can fit many definitions or perspectives, so an experience offered by an angel reading provides a means to focus on how to have a closer connection to ourselves, to our beliefs, to the Earth, to God, Spirit, or the Oneness of life-force energy that connects every aspect of the world we live in.