Angel Whispers – Amends

At dinner with friends, we were talking about the way people were awakening in greater numbers these days. At least that appears to be part of the lifting of global consciousness occurring in the world at locations other than Burning Man (tee hee). As we talked, I made mention of awakening including making amends. One of the responses was a question directed at me, asking if I was Baptist. Thanks for the gentle nudge toward today’s whisper!

Most of you know about my curious nature and my passion for discovery, so I reflected on the word and made it this week’s whisper. Amend is defined as to make minor changes in order to bring fairness, accuracy, or to bring current. Amend also means to make better or improve. Making amends is more than seeking forgiveness or making apologizes. Too much apologizing undermines self-worth, and too little can lead to a lack of moral repair. 

When discussing the awakening energy with a client, the word amend comes across in a whisper that does not dictate making apologies, laying blame, or anything other than taking full responsibility for one’s own life. This may be the single biggest hurdle with the process of spiritual growth, but the end game makes life better. Let’s get a whisper on making amends:

When a person has a history that includes any failure in taking full responsibility for their actions, they can be challenged with living in the present moment. Currency is emotional intelligence and moral expression used in exchange of energy. To bring emotional expressions into the current moment means being responsible for words, actions, thoughts, and deeds. 

Becoming current with life does not mean history will be erased. It means peace is found with regard to the past, and forward movement can be free of any negative embellishment, which allows for true freedom to be one’s self. The freedom to express without judgment or blame creates pure expressions for the heart to flow across the bridge to the spiritual dimensions, unobstructed by the perception of imperfection, mistakes, or anything that might bring regrets.

Forgiveness through making an apology is not the point or even a requirement, unless the whispers of the heart command such a deed. Making amends can be purely an internal process that allows for taking full responsibility that leads to growth in consciousness and greater levels of awareness. Both of the preceding are essential elements to being fully present at high levels, but not a requirement of life. Some will choose to avoid taking responsibility, only to experience lessons around destiny and freedom.

Once an awakening has occurred, the energy will not be denied, except by those who choose to delay the emotional response that leads to taking responsibility. Making amends is the energy of love that comes from a heart seeking the return to sovereignty in a remembrance of the reason for existence.    

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“It's not a persons mistakes which define them – it's the way they make amends.” Freya North


 Angel Whispers – Amends

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