Angel Whispers – Being Positive or Avoidance?

You go through a break-up, divorce or separation, so you tell yourself and everyone it was meant to be. A loved one passes, and you express they are in a better place. You’re diagnosed with an illness, so you use the old adage ‘everything happens for a reason’. We live in a culture that promotes rainbow and butterfly positivity as a way of being in the world. Does this type of response lead to avoidance of facing a challenge head-on by creating a spiritual bypass?

Client studies indicate looking at life through rose colored glasses can be a healthy way to approach the mind/body connection. Yet everything is about balance and moderation. When a person leans toward the extreme with their positivity, they may be in denial as way to cope with an issue. The emotions that come with a challenge, can become buried beneath the ocean of emotional energy. (tee hee). Deep-seated anger, one of the emotions associated with the grief process, can crystallize in the joints to become arthritis later in life.

Buried unexpressed emotions can support the creation of unhealthy soul attachments. There can be a temporary benefit to being positive as a way to cope with a life event, but what is the next step? One of the keys to achieving and maintaining balance, is cultivating the self-awareness needed to understand and experience the depth of any emotion. The low consciousness held by a narcissist, allows them the freedom to express every emotion. Most energy assessments done with a narcissist will read as balanced energy, while overly positive people often carry emotional burdens from their past. Let’s get a whisper on finding balance with positivity:

The loss of self-awareness observed in the human culture today, stems from the compulsive need to label things as good or bad. Once this has been applied to an experience or event, the feelings and emotions become a response the perception of life. The human journey is about embracing a three-dimensional realm in a way that leads to greater wisdom of the heart through self-awareness. Creative expressions of truth equals love, even if the emotions being communicated are not considered nice by some.

Social pressure to articulate emotions in a way that does cause negativity, can encourage people to gloss over an issue. They make up a story that justifies the narrative in an effort to keep the peace. Avoidance of getting in touch with one’s feelings and express true emotions can be a form of manipulation. All emotions are part of the human experience that leads to growth. The separation that naturally occurs with life events, forms the light that illuminates the path to love.

Every person is learning the language of love as a way to communicate without doing harm to another individual, which would be considered abuse. Being overly positive can lead to disconnection from the physical body, ungrounding, and loss of critical discernment with the major decisions in life. To keep life in balance with nature means coming to terms with experiences in a way that brings clarity to taking a position within all relationships. Above all else, balance and growth requires the cultivation of key virtues. This is the true purpose for incarnation.

When an individual learns tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, and love, balance is achieved with personal growth, awakening, and the enlightenment of the spirit within.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

Saul Bellow

 Angel Whispers – Being Positive or Avoidance?

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