Angel Whispers – Compression

The human brain is the ultimate compression system, which is a good thing for anyone maneuvering our complex world. With modern technology, information is available any time we have an urge to perform a simple search. At the same time, our senses are bombarded by continuous radio frequency waves, growing radiation, and constantly changing electromagnetic fields. How does the brain respond? Compression is one answer.

With such high volumes of sensory population, the brain conserves capacity by compressing the information. For example, the brain records all the details of your favorite childhood toy – color, shape, size. As the years go by, details of that toy and similar toys merge, and the image in the brain become a compressed version of your toy. The brain has rewritten the original files about the toy to conserve capacity.

When an external stimulus reaches a theoretic limit, the brain experiences a bottleneck or maximum compression. Deep learning is restricted. Decompression occurs with individual motor actions. In other words, movement of the body relieves any overload of the brain and sensory system. I have reached maximum brain potential and need a whisper to decompress (tee hee):

The high amount of external stimuli is creating the need for compression as a way for the brain to conserve energy for other tasks. The information available can present hyper-brainwave activities that are not sustainable over long periods of time. The result of increased volume of EMFs, over-population of radio wave frequencies, and increased levels of radiation is found in the current paradigm, with growing concerns related to health and wellness. Human system failures are often linked to polarity issues, compromised cognitive development, and increasing hyper-sensitivities such as those found with allergies, hyperosmia, and tactile or auditory hyperesthesia.

Increased awareness around the effects of environmental stimuli that are invisible to the naked eye is needed to ensure optimum health. Any precaution that can lead to less need for compression can be experienced as beneficial. Sleeping in an environment free from electrical devices, cell phones, televisions, appliances, electrical fields, and radiation helps the brain maintain proper balance.

The brain is a delivery mechanism that organizes the distribution of vital life-force energy to all human systems. Compression is the brain’s method used to conserve energy in order to maintain balanced distribution throughout all systems. To ensure proper absorption of nutrients throughout the brain and organs, body movement is essential. The blood that carries nutrients, oxygen, and energy to all parts of the human body systems provides the vital decompression needed to manage a world filled with opportunities for over-stimulation of the sensory system. Spend some time outdoors to experience expansion of energy through the decompression that nature can provide.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The basic stimulus to the intelligence is doubt, a feeling that the meaning of an experience is not self-evident.”
― W.H. Auden, Selected Essays

 Angel Whispers – Compression

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