Angel Whispers – Why Are These Dead Folks Contacting Me?

Larry reached out with a whisper request that went as follows: “I recently had a dream where the deceased wife of a close friend told me to tell her husband that she missed him and she loved him. Which, of course, I did. We both cried, and he thanked me for telling him. Last night I had a dream where a deceased guy I knew of, we weren’t really friends, wanted my phone number so he could contact me at a later date. Also, a week or so ago, the thought came to me that an old man I knew might not have long to live. He then died about 3 or 4 days later. He was the father of the friend whose deceased wife appeared to me in my first dream. Why are these dead folks contacting me?”

I was often puzzled by contact from deceased people whom I didn’t know or barely knew while they were living. This type of experience often goes unspoken, and I commend Larry for having the courage to deliver the message to his friend. I also found the connection to the death of a member of the same family to be very interesting. Perhaps the wife was trying to get a message of love to her husband in preparation for the grief he was about to experience? Let’s get a whisper on contact from the deceased:

The mystery of life continues into the non-physical dimensions, which can be accessed while in the state of consciousness known as dreaming. The three states of consciousness are awake, asleep, and dreaming. Humans are more open to accessing the hidden realms during the conscious state of dreaming. As the spirit expands with the vibrations of reaching the dream level of consciousness, energy fields can touch to allow a transfer of information. Content is delivered through a binary code or the language of the Universe.

The spirit of a deceased person searches for someone in the circle of life who is open to contact, regardless of the status of the relationship while in the physical dimensions. Most people are naturally closed to connecting with the deceased due to fear of the unknown and religious teachings that would demonize such an activity. The person who is detached from any outcome related to the message is usually the best choice for communication. Free from any attachment at the soul level, the person becomes an open channel to the spirit trying to communicate.

Deceased loved ones are often seeking some form of resolution with any effort to communicate from the non-physical dimensions. They are in a position to see things that the living cannot. The energy needed to communicate could be expressed with an emotion intended to help with healing from the loss. To reach a higher level of acceptance is beneficial to both the deceased loved one and the survivor. The dreamer and the deceased are receiving a gift in the form of a divine mantle. The open heart receives wisdom that until that moment was cloaked in the mystery.

It is natural to question why one would be offered such a divine gift, but the bigger question is what to do with the present? The larger message is around divine presence operating in one’s life and the best way to use such a precious resource.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Meeting a deceased person in a dream and communicating a message is not a random occurrence. It is a destined moment where two souls were meant to connect to give meaning to life.”

Russell Forsyth

 Angel Whispers – Why Are These Dead Folks Contacting Me?

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