Angel Whispers – Don’t Equivocate

This wording came up during an animal spirit reading. I wasn’t sure exactly what the message was about, so out came the dictionary (tee hee). The message from the cougar was to take a look at using any non-truths to justify avoidance of a potentially unpleasant course of action. When making a decision and finding yourself going back and forth, you may be engaging in a form of equivocation. Lack of clarity, confusion, distraction, avoidance, or some form of hiding the truth may result from equivocating. Everyone can justify their decision by using thoughts and language that conceal the truth. Maybe part of this week’s whisper is to spend more time discerning what is true.

Mental reservation is a form of deception, which isn’t the same as lying. Holding back some form of the truth can easily justify thoughts, actions, or behaviors. Equivocation creates a condition of mental qualification, which often leads to some form of embellishment with the story. In Moral Theology, virtuous behavior can include withholding information from those deemed not entitled to know the information. As keepers of information deemed harmful to the general public, politicians equivocate on a daily basis.

Equivocation appears linked to morality and ethical behavior. Does that mean justification of our actions can go against an aspect of our life purpose? Does equivocating lead to learning life lessons? Who is the authority on truth? Questions are mounting, which is the unequivocal indication that we can now justify receiving a message from an angel on the subject at hand:

The human journey is the search for truth. It may seem like one long process of elimination that leads to the Light. That’s because the darkness is there to give choices and aid movement away from what lives in the shadows. Each person must answer the question of what they deem appropriate, given the circumstances. Giving false information to a murderer in order to preserve another person’s life would imply mental reservation serving the greater good.

The mind is proficient at denying the truth. Each person must look beyond their thoughts by listening to the whispers of their heart. Truth is known by the inner spirit and the physical body, but often hidden in other dimensions by the influence of free will, destiny, and the ego. In order to move completely past an obstacle in life, all sides to the issue must face illumination. Seeking the light of higher consciousness releases that which holds the light of truth. Everyone will fall into the trap created by the belief in a desired outcome that penetrates to the depth of the soul. Two people looking at the same thing might see polar opposites, due to belief.

Regardless of the experience perceived as positive or negative, virtues grow where the seeds of karma bloom. Trusting when something smells bad can create a condition of inner conflict that leads to beautiful reality. Self-love grows with virtuous behavior, despite the occasional detour down a path of darkness. The entirety of life holds the key that unlocks the door to acceptance as it relates to the challenges of every experience in the Earthly realm of testing. Don’t worry if you think you failed the test; there will be another that demonstrates success from the lessons of failure. Elimination of darkness is not achievable. The goal is balanced responsibility of speaking the truth in all relationships, especially the one with yourself.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Poetry is simply literature reduced to the essence of its active principle. It is purged of idols of every kind, of realistic illusions, of any conceivable equivocation between the language of “truth” and the language of “creation.”
Paul Valéry

 Angel Whispers – Don’t Equivocate

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