Angel Whispers – Energetic Whirlpools

Those who are sensitive to energy can describe feeling a rapidly rotating mass of energy into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of opposing currents. These currents of energy are often found in locations that have been deemed spiritual sites, such as Stonehenge and Giza, and locations occupied by former civilizations, such as the Incas of Peru. Science has determined that vortices are cross-points between energy fields in the Earth’s grid system, or energetic whirlpools.

Some believe a vortex is like an invisible superhighway, opening to another realm or dimension. There’s no other way to explain how Alice was transported to Wonderland (tee hee)! Humans have similar movements of energy in and around their bodies. The human energy highways intersect in the centers referred to as chakras. Some believe these intersection points in the human body and the Earth can get clogged. 

Energy healing is based on this idea, so chakras are balanced using a variety of methods. Energy itself is sensitive and subject to natural redirection by a process known as entrainment. I am curious about the energetic whirlpool that draws humans toward experiences, and how this feature may influence decisions. Free will and destiny affect a person’s life path, but what about an energetic vortex entering the equation? Let’s get a whisper from the angels:

The fabric of the Universe is held together by a type of energetic grid or Divine Matrix. The grid contains movement of light, creating channels that intersect. Humans are miniature replicas of their Solar System, like individual planets moving through a greater Universe. Every planet exerts an influence of its true nature that can be felt by humans through movement or interaction. Conflicting movements can be experienced as one energy aligning with a dominant vibration from a different source to form an energetic response.

Just because something cannot be seen doesn’t mean it can’t be experienced in some way. Such is the nature of the energy known as love. Love is an energy that is magnetic. The magnetic nature of love is created by a reflection of light from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object. This is known as resonance. This feature is what draws people to a location, a person, or an experience in a spiritually enhanced environment.

The Universe doesn’t measure the person or environment as either positive or negative, nor does the human spirit. Instead, it is the combination of positive and negative poles that form perpetual movement. The soul mind ultimately creates the perspective as a way to bring understanding that leads to spiritual growth. Humans can be magnetically drawn into a whirlpool of energy created by the movement of emotional expressions. Planetary movements can also influence human reactions and decisions. At certain junctures in a person’s life, the influence can be greater, creating a build-up of energy that releases in ways that may defy logic or reason.
Sensitive people have more need for discernment around energy that presents in the form of an internal conflict. Personal expressions are formed by the synchronous vibrations of free will, destiny, and the energetic whirlpools encountered on the soul journey.      

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“I was wandering lonely and lost, till the music you played pulled my soul into a vortex of emotions, reminding me that I was still alive” Vijaya Gowrisankar

 Angel Whispers – Energetic Whirlpools

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