Angel Whispers – Everything Happens for a Reason

The history of this expression traces back to Biblical teachings that say God is responsible for everything. In the 18th century, people believed that God had created a perfect world, and everything that occurred was by divine design. The philosophy was questioned on November 1, 1755 during a religious holiday. Everyone in Lisbon, Portugal headed to church as an 8.6 earthquake hit. The buildings came crashing down onto the congregations. Tsunamis with 40-foot waves followed, and the death toll was estimated to be upwards of 90,000 people.

To the citizens of Lisbon and to Christians across Europe, the earthquake was an act of God. They assumed it was punishment for Lisbon’s sinners, which raised questions for some. Why would God kill scores of churchgoers, yet leave the brothels up the hill untouched? French philosopher Voltaire was inspired to write a poem called The Lisbon Earthquake, in which he mocked the idea that God caused the earthquake.
              Ill could not from a perfect being spring,
              Nor from another, since God’s sovereign king;
              And yet, sad truth! In this our world ’tis found,
              What contradictions here my soul confound!

There are times when people use this expression in a way that seems to overlook certain truths. Perhaps it’s a way to reason away aspects of life events or understand a lesson? Let’s look for a reason to get a whisper when there may not be one (tee hee):

The expression ‘everything happens for a reason’ can evoke feelings from a false narrative leading to an emotional bypassing. The force of nature cannot be reasoned with, nor can the forces of human nature. Some need a religious architecture that includes a structured way to handle the emotions around disturbing events. If this expression gives people a way to cope with the bad things that happen in life, it can lead them to love and faith. If this expression gives people justification to direct anger, hatred, or blame, it leads them away from love.

This demonstrates not only how words matter, but that how they are arranged and how the spirit in which they are delivered can impact people in various ways. People who are conditioned to believe that the rewards of life are given by a loving God can also be conditioned to believe that punishment is dealt by the same God. This type of belief can help people cope with their lives under a structure of conditioned behavior that reflects some aspects of God.

The ability to take responsibility for one’s actions is dependent on personal conditioning, spiritual demeanor, typical behavior patterns, and level of consciousness. People get what they need from the spiritual structures they build, and everyone is at a different level in their spiritual development. If a belief, saying, or expression impedes alignment with love, then it is detrimental to personal growth. The focus should always be on living a life with a structure of belief that brings the highest alignment to love through vibrations that match core values.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

"Everything happens for a reason is my very least favorite thing for someone to say. It is bad philosophy, bad theology, bad thinking, and bad advice. It manages to combine the maximum of ignorance with the maximum of arrogance." 
Nicholas Clairmont

 Angel Whispers – Everything Happens for a Reason

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