Angel Whispers – Intuition and Consciousness

According to the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health, intuition represents an unconscious cognitive activity, the results of which become conscious at some point. Their study led to understanding how patterns are established from the unconscious behaviors that match cognition to become conscious actions under certain conditions. In other words, intuition may be one of the building blocks to consciousness. 

How each of us use or doesn’t use our intuition becomes the major part of our identity, personality, persona, and potential. Intuition may represent total human potential, while consciousness may represent the limitations we face with our potential. Intuitive intelligence may be much more than a measurement of emotional intelligence, having more to do with the purpose of life around expansion of consciousness. No matter how moral we may be, consciousness can compel us to act out of alignment with our core virtues, providing lessons along the way.

Failure to take responsibility for our actions may be linked to consciousness rather than intuition. You know those times when your inner voice screams don’t do it! but you go ahead and do it anyway? (tee tee) Let’s get a whisper from an angel to learn more about the subject:

As one of the operating systems that support human behavior, intuition is a matrix of senses that cumulate to form emotional intelligence. Particles of energy gather to create behavior under a collection of consciousness energy. The journey creates particles through instant transfer of energy. building a system with divine architecture know as Spirit.

Whenever the boundless energy of intuition experiences limitations held by consciousness energy (the Soul), the two become entangled. One cannot operate without the other. The lower emotions – such as sadness, anger, grief, resentment, hatred, jealousy, and greed – suppress the vibrations of intuition, creating behavior and actions expressed from a lower level of consciousness. Those vibrations can exert their influence and lead to intellectualizing emotions as an escape from painful experiences and a separation from the intuitive wisdom of the heart. Separation from intuition creates circular thinking and living from the ego mind.

Any disconnection from the heart and intuition forms separation from communication with the body. The body knows what the mind thinks it knows, and the body will clearly communicate through intuition. Pain is a message from the body that it is not being heard and that tension is collecting due to lack of movement around emotional discharge. Each person must work toward clearing negative emotions to build consciousness through intuition.

Because everyone is wired differently, each must find the path that is best for them. For some, meditation is the key, while that will not work for others. Traditional therapies are highly effective for some, while for others, alternative methods are the key. Connecting to love, getting good sleep, regular exercise, and a well-rounded diet are known to provide some of the greatest benefits to wellness and for balancing energy. Intuition is one of the keys to reaching one’s highest potential and forming the bridge to higher levels of consciousness.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Enlightenment is tuning our consciousness to music of the universe.” Amit Ray


 Angel Whispers – Intuition and Consciousness

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