Angel Whispers – Less Than Ideal

We live in a world that feeds the illusion that we can have anything and everything we want (tee tee). But is that part of our reality something that inspires us, or an energy that feeds our hopes and dreams? Is it ever a detriment to hold an ideal vision of ourselves and the future?

The definition of ideal is satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect, most suitable, or existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. When gazing into the future with our personal crystal ball, we rather easily fall into the trap of creating an idealistic yet unrealistic future. I now publicly admit some guilt with idealism taking over my thoughts and the disheartenment that follows when things don’t work out.

The creation of idealistic thoughts or visions, followed by disheartenment, can occur in all areas, like a relationship, job, retirement, event, or any aspect of life. When expectations are not met, how do we then feel about ourselves or the world at large? Let’s get a whisper from spirit on what occurs when the outcome is less than ideal in our minds:

Thoughts around what is considered ideal easily transfer to the desire for perfection. Perfection is limited to perception and ultimately can become a mental trap that elicits fire energy from the heart. This energy can rise to the mental planes and connect thoughts to the ego mind. The energy of ego can be expressed constructively or destructively, creating false judgments and detrimental actions. Perfection is not realistic, so the goal should be excellence.

Many sensitive people and those with high integrity can easily create an ideal world in their minds. Individuals who hold high standards are more prone to imagine impossible scenarios, then feel disheartened when standards are not met, goals fall short of ideal measures, and the best intentions fail to manifest in the most desirable ways.

The world holds many opportunities to feel disheartened, especially for a visionary who can see the possibilities that could shape the reality of the future. Acting and thinking in the most positive terms creates the highest vibration on the journey. The vibration is lowered when any negative attachment to outcome occurs. Creating expectations that form attachments on any level can lower the vibrations when there is a negative reaction to the outcome.

Ideal measurements of life can be recognized as merely a possibility when one is being mindful. Viewing life through the lens of what is real, instead of ideal, brings peace, balance, and positivity to the mind and heart. Setting the goal for excellence shapes the perception away from ideal to become one of value for the experience and acceptance of reality. Acting with faith and optimism under any circumstance brings love with the awareness that life is about the journey, the lessons, the possibilities, and the reality of life on Earth.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“It is sometimes said that the tragedy of an artist's life is that he cannot realize his ideal. But the true tragedy that dogs the steps of most artists is that they realize their ideal too absolutely. For, when the ideal is realized, it is robbed of its wonder and its mystery, and becomes simply a new starting point for an ideal that is other than itself. This is why music is the perfect type of art. Music can never reveal its ultimate secret.” Oscar Wilde

 Angel Whispers – Less Than Ideal

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