Angel Whispers – Limitations

I often wonder how we so easily find limitations in such a big modern world. Is it possible we have been controlled by others for so long, it’s now part of our DNA to fear our own power? Are limitations more Cosmic in nature, in that we must experience limiting factors in order to grow at the soul level? Limitations are defined as a limiting condition, a restrictive weakness, a lack of capacity, an inability, or a handicap. 

Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer and motivational speaker known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book series, said, “The fears we don’t face become our limits.”Perhaps that is true, in that we must break free of fear in order to break free of limitations. But what would it be like to experience a life free of restrictions and limitations? Perhaps that means outside the body (tee hee).

The things that limit us must be connected to one of three elements: desire, emotion, or belief. That just came to me sitting in the stillness of Lincoln National Forest at sunset, listening to the wind blow through the trees, and to a squirrel calling out to a friend on the other side of the canyon. Let’s get a whisper from spirit on the nature of limitations:

Dreams are the soul’s illustration in the book of possibilities. Pursuing dreams are part of the human desire for an experience. It matters not whether the dream is actualized, as holding the vision creates the vibration of human potential. Emotions, desires, and beliefs are main aspects that can influence experiences that present as limitations. If the desire is to create something, and the emotion of fear or a belief prevents one from taking action, a limitation is created.

Freedom from limitations is found with taking action. The distinct aroma created by the experience of breaking free from limitations will produce the sweetest, most beautiful fragrance of life. Challenges to the fulfillment of destiny will present themselves as a test to the willingness to move beyond limitations. Universal Laws exert an influence that can lead to negative patterns that tend to create limiting factors. Breaking free of negative patterns brings a person closer to love, changing the conditions that influence restricting or limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Awakening begins with experiencing conditions that may seem limiting on the surface, but in reality give each person a choice to break free in order to experience balance. The conscious choice to elevate the vibrations to a higher level than experienced when the problem arose leads to freedom found in solutions to life’s issues. The gift of life never held guarantees of a limitless experience, only a promise of the potential growth that becomes indelible imprints on the soul. Realization comes with releasing anything blocking full acceptance of every experience.

Live in the present moment, for within each breath is a vibration that holds limitless potential beyond the imagination. Don’t let false perceptions prevent the experience of finding unexpected love and joy without limitation. Overcome limiting emotions, beliefs, and desires by letting love exist first and foremost.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.” Anthon St. Maarten


 Angel Whispers – Limitations

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