Angel Whispers – Negative People

Research has shown that our happiness is influenced by the interactions within personal relationships. When someone close is mostly negative, the other person in the relationship can develop low moods, pessimism, anxiety, and general mistrust. Being constantly warned about the things they are doing wrong, hearing distrust and negative ego judgments, and generally being put down wear on the entire nervous system.

A formerly optimistic person can get sidetracked by circumstances which steal every aspect of their otherwise cheery disposition. This now negative person is not necessarily a toxic person but one who feels derailed by life. Depression and anxiety might hide behind their overtly positive exterior for years, before the dam breaks and the negative emotions flood their personality. Despair is showing up as irritability or hostility, serving to mask a deeper issue.

At the heart of a negative person are fears that manifest in a variety of ways. One way is taking exception to the opinions of others. Someone tells them they look nice today, and the response is So you’re saying I didn’t look nice yesterday? The negative person can be quick to harshly judge others, be demanding, inclined to shame or blame, pessimistic, risk averse, and display a need to control the situation. The negative person may also feel entitled to the love and respect of others. Their negativity is often a thinly disguised cry for help.

You can love the person more, but they may adapt to the need for more attention. Now you have created a Frankenstein that can exist only from an ever-increasing positive energetic charge that only you can provide. Let’s get a whisper on the subject:

Negativity is an expression of the toxic emotions that are present in the energy body. The lower emotions created in response to challenging conditions can form a residual energy. Compressed residual energy around negative emotions collect in the areas where they have built up in the system, only to be evoked during times of stress or tension. Negative circumstances can create a lack of grounding, which builds fears and phobias into the light body system. Sustained or constant energy related to the fight-or-flight response to life creates chaos in the bioenergetic field. The result is a slow erosion of the nervous system, with increasing susceptibility to negative reactions that provide a trigger for the expression of negativity.

A person must be open and receptive to facing the root cause of their negativity before any cleansing or balancing methods are successful. Some people are closed due to obsessive behavior patterns that exert an influence known as resistance to change. One example of obsessive behavior would be feeling the need to constantly repeat their story. The emotions are replayed along with the story, burning the event into the psyche. The lower self is burdened by the emotional residue of the past, making it easy to fall into the whirlpool of negativity.

When the events of the past are accepted with a focus on the positive aspects that followed the experience, the burden is lifted with the vibration of gratitude. The ease with which a person becomes a victim of their own story is amplified by their perception of life events. Emotional neutrality lifts the need to repeat the story by ushering in the faith that transcends all pain from the past. The river of life cleanses the light body when flowing with the energy of love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


Beware of those who are bitter,
For they will never allow you
To enjoy your fruit.

Beware of those who criticize you
When you deserve some praise for an achievement,
For they secretly desire to be worshiped.

Beware of those who steer you away
From your heart’s true happiness.
It would make them happy to see you
Steer yourself next to them,
Sitting with both your hearts bitter.

excerpts from ‘Beware of Those’ by Suzy Kassem

 Angel Whispers – Negative People

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