Angel Whispers – Poking Wounds

Most people have experienced accusations that seem unfair, followed by the emotions they stir. After the whisper titled “When Emotions Lie”, I received the following message. “Some of the things you write are dangerous. In particular your article about emotions. Im sorry but it sounds pathological. information to be used to tell someone not to trust their reality. I suggest you write about gas lighting next time. Please look it up. Thank you”

I responded intending to remain open to hear whatever motivated their remarks. My request for clarity and feedback went unanswered. Writing the whispers and the comments they generate offer tremendous opportunities for personal learning and spiritual growth, so I seized the moment and studied gaslighting…..once again (sigh). In my humble opinion, there are at least five examples of gaslighting in the reader’s comments. Look for a future whisper on irony! (tee hee)

Living with a master manipulator and gaslighter during my early years, may have influenced my reaction to someone poking at my old wounds. My upset didn’t really have a defined target, so I turned to spirit who whispered a message about emotions that lie (ha ha). Obviously I triggered this person on some level. Dealing with the remarks and posting the negative comment today makes me uncomfortable, which is the first sign of readiness to do some work. Let’s open together to get a whisper from an angel on poking wounds:

Life on Earth offers an environment filled with energy responding to polarities. Opposing forces from within create the opportunity to bring harmony and balance to the system. Once that has been accomplished on some level, the Universe will arrange a test to measure your current growth. The greater the focus on personal empowerment and spiritual growth, the more frequent the testing can become. Any experience that represents a test, becomes the benchmark of where you are currently.

From the depth of the soul, the spirit seeks to balance opposing frequencies by dispersing any accumulation of emotional energy. Whatever leads you toward achieving the goal of balance becomes part of the passion illuminating a higher purpose with incarnation. Other people may appear to threaten your sovereignty along the way, by offering a teaching moment. The choice is whether to move beyond the defensive position to create healing in an orderly fashion.

It’s not uncommon to become stuck in a whirlpool of negative emotions. Blame brings with it the potential of becoming stuck in opposing polarities and frozen by maintaining the defensive posture. Personal growth demands movement and a willingness to take responsibility for your emotions and expressions. Accountability is a product of discernment produced by questioning your position. Discomfort with that process can demonstrate the readiness and acceptance to take a deeper look inside for the answers you are seeking.

Fear of the unknown creates resistance, which is a form of stress. Movement releases the energy of stress to build greater trust, awareness, and balance on the path to spiritual growth. Even within an experience perceived as negative, humans are able to connect at a deeper level to the providence of divine love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.”

Ken Page

 Angel Whispers – Poking Wounds

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