Angel Whispers – Recalibrate

As we wind down 2017, many people are happy to put this year to rest and are looking forward to the new year with some degree of optimism. The angel messages indicate the need to recalibrate and take the 2017 wobble out of our step (tee hee). Recalibrate means to determine or check the range and accuracy carefully as to the precise use, and then to devise a plan.

Last year felt like a lot of work, and for some it felt like paying it forward with our heartfelt efforts to do good in the world. We bought our coupons and now it’s time for redemption! Redeeming the energy spent in 2017 feels big, and perhaps we will all soon discover more about the energy of the new year.

Instead of resolutions, I like to establish New Year intentions as a way to turn the script over to spirit with a shoulder shrug and a questioning look. I just want peace on Earth, good health, and less wobble for all. Whisper on, my angelic friends, regarding how to recalibrate and redeem the efforts from 2017 and create a new beginning:

The energy to recalibrate is found in the person who knows that the past no longer exists. The life lessons have created opportunities to devise new plans with precision and accuracy. Remove the wobble by finding alignment with the core essence of the energy within. Remember who you are and why you came here—to awaken the senses and experience life at the level where the spirit meets the physical.

In the highest vibration, you will find perpetual gratitude for the opportunity to create experiences calibrated to the current reality. Humans are perpetual motion machines that are incapable of remaining static. Use that movement to gravitate toward love in all forms, whether experiencing natural beauty, another human being, a moment of presence, or a bliss-filled nothingness.

The sounds of the season fill the air to become entrained by the celebration of life. Honor those who have brought you to this moment by sending out the vibrations of love. Take responsibility for any emotions around loss, and lift those who are suffering by offering a kind word, a loving wave, a gracious gesture, or a moment of awareness to their unique journey. The mission of each soul is to awaken to truth by taking responsibility and redeeming the love that comes with honest expressions of emotions.

Authenticity brings the self-realization that leads to redemption of your rightful inheritance on Earth. The spiritual growth experienced by the human soul while incarnated in the physical body shines the light of love to help others find their way through the darkness. Hope is redeemed by the heart whenever faith is restored in humanity.

One heart can be the seed that awakens the collective conscious. To recalibrate is to evolve.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Once we reach a certain age, we tend to recalibrate our expectations. We expect less from the world once we've seen it up close.
Marianne Williamson

 Angel Whispers – Recalibrate

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