Angel Whispers – Retrogrades

Currently, we have six planets in retrograde. At the end of August, Mercury will leave retrograde and Venus will begin a retrograde period around the beginning of September. We will have a few days with five planets in retrograde, then basically finish the year with six. The planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and either Venus or Mercury. A planet in retrograde creates the optical illusion of going backwards when viewed from the Earth.

Every planet exerts some type of influence on the Solar System, affecting some more than others. With these influences, some people are feeling stuck, not moving forward, or in the illusion of going backward (tee hee). The influences include some focus on communication, misunderstandings, investments, love, taking action, looking inside, recalibrating, long-term goals, attitudes, inner freedom, spirituality, vision, change, and transformation, with a pinch of a tendency toward self-centeredness. Throw in a lunar eclipse and that’s a lot of influence!

This seems like a bit much and appears to be affecting at least some portion of the population. With this type of information, it’s easy to think about finding a ledge to stand on somewhere. That means it is time for a whisper from the Archangel Michael to help cut through any negativity creeping in due to the current energy patterns:

The retrogrades offer an influence that could be viewed as neither negative nor positive, depending on the perspective. Think of yourself as an artist. You have worked all year to create a room filled with works of art. At this time, you can make choices that put you in the flow of abundant positive energy. With your choices comes the potential of selling every piece. Without direct action, you have the potential of adding more pieces to collect dust with the rest of the art in the room. The choice is yours whether to place yourself in the flow of energy.

There’s a lot of fire energy surrounding the planets in retrograde, which is literal and figurative. The literal brings a storm, created by movement of air that has become super-heated to support current fires on the planet. The figurative is related to personal passion and the fire that burns within. You can be empowered at this time, or choose to feel defeated in the face of adversity. The victim mentality will not sell your pieces of art or lead to abundance. The current energy patterns amplify your response to the challenges of life.

Human evolution has reached a stage of development where consciousness responds to amplified energies. Any lack of integrity from within will be met by a Universal judge from without. The Universe is a fair judge, so fear not. Instead, be prepared to make conscious choices with regard to every action to ensure alignment with your core virtues. The planets create an illusion to reflect a truth. Decisions influenced by fear will not produce the desired outcome.

Fearlessly face life with the spirit of the passion within, and take with you the faith that links your path to divinity. In the arms of Spirit, you have a partner in the manifestation of love in all forms. This is your greatest resource, lest you choose to ignore the basic building block of life on Earth. Love your life, sell your art, and rise to meet your highest potential in the forward movement toward your destiny.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Our actions in the present build the staircase to the future. The question is whether that staircase is going up or down.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

 Angel Whispers – Retrogrades

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