Angel Whispers – Sacred Relationships

The word ‘sacred’ has many meanings, and each person may view this word from a slightly different perspective. Sacred can mean Holy, of God, connected to God, or containing some religious aspect. Sacred can also mean deserving of respect. Shouldn’t we hold all relationships as sacred? Have you seen Facebook lately (tee hee)? The dialogue in those relationships can be downright irreverent, disrespectful, and offensive at times.

Social media would represent one end of the relationship spectrum, but what about the more personal interactions? Everyone must decide how they express themselves in their relationships. If there is a lack of respect, the exchange of emotions, thoughts, and ideas could be lacking the depth needed to maintain the sacred nature of any relationship.

Last week’s whisper on the Buffalo Dream contained a whisper from spirit on sacred relationships. What we project into the world should be the message of connectedness. With discourse and disrespect, we project the opposite. Shouldn’t all relationships be held as sacred? There, I said it again (lol)! When we lose respect for another person, the erosion of the relationship begins. Help us with a whisper on the sacred relationships, my sweet angels!

Only through the eyes of love can a connection be held as sacred. The human incarnation represents the analogy of climbing a ladder. As each person elevates their conscious awareness, they awaken to the greater meaning of life and illuminate the true nature of their existence. If one can learn the lessons of love, speak the language of love, express love, and live a life with some level of commitment to love, they can effectively communicate in any relationship. 

The relationship with one’s self should be held the most sacred, to connect with the Godself. Violate that relationship and the sacred connection to spirit is compromised. Many people do not respect themselves, so they hide behind a persona created to express themselves from a position influenced by ego. Wearing a mask might be sustainable on some level, but cannot be maintained indefinitely at the soul level. This is the essence of life and the reason behind the reincarnation process. The soul experiences growth when the soul mind surrenders to the awareness that every being is created from a single spark of connected light.

The soul ascends in increments equal to the internal vibration of self-awareness. Since the ego judges itself against an unrealistic comparison motivated by survival, each individual is influenced by a hidden goal. An awakening brings awareness to destiny in an upward movement toward finding complete acceptance of responsibility for all actions. Once this is accomplished at some level, blaming others is no longer a demand from the ego. Truth becomes an inescapable reality, signaling release from karma is imminent.

Recognizing the need and the drive for personal expressions that communicate mutual respect embodies self-realization. Individual expression of the sacred nature of relationships becomes the sacrament of pure love offered to the Universe. Find the sacred space where all relationships thrive, and you will awaken to the greatest teachings in life.  

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

"Knowing that you truly love someone, awakens you, activates all the senses, makes you aware of things that didn’t matter before. Knowing that person truly loves you, brings divinity into your heart, creating a sacred bond to love that can never be broken."
Russell Forsyth

 Angel Whispers – Sacred Relationships

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