Angel Whispers – The Spirituality of Money

Many people express disappointment when told their central life purpose revolves around money and power. Those two words can send the most spiritual person running! (tee hee) It’s not uncommon to speak about money and power during an intuitive reading, usually because of energetic blocks or resistance. One common theme I’ve noticed over the years is that the angelic realm communicates messages about money without using that word. My first clue to another perspective from spirit came with the information regarding money and life in a material world.

My entire system of offering spiritual services started by creating one version of the gift economy thirteen years ago. I still enjoy how the system works for me and my family. During discussions of money, the issues of control, authority, recognition, willpower, and self-esteem rise to the surface. Facing issues of confidence with money can bring an unhealthy dose of imbalance supported by fear or lack.

Some have faced extreme lack in their childhood, establishing the need to adapt under challenging conditions. Adaptation can set the energy for adulthood, blurring the lines regarding power, money, and spirituality. To make matters less clear, interpretation of the Bible has burned into human consciousness the unlikelihood of a rich person going to Heaven. Let’s listen for a whisper from Heaven on the spirituality of money:

The human journey through life in a three-dimensional world includes the potential for ascension during incarnation. Each person can awaken to higher levels of consciousness by taking responsibility for their life. There is nothing more powerful in the realization of life purpose and the balance of karma than taking personal responsibility. Empowerment involves relationships with the self, every person, and every aspect of life.

People are encouraged to examine their beliefs around money on the path to spiritual growth. Material success is one vehicle offering a ride to personal growth through cultivation of virtues aligned with core values. All aspects of material success are applied to experiences that make life meaningful. A person can enjoy their life and serve others doing what they love, but only if they enjoy healthy relationships. To step into healthier relationships with personal power, personal authority, and personal growth, all relationships must be examined.

Money carries a worldly influence. There’s nothing greater in life than a global reach with a balanced perspective from higher levels of consciousness. Money, power, and greed can corrupt the human spirit or inspire integrity of light. Consciousness without self-awareness is the bottom of the staircase and the starting place for a sovereign soul. The energy of money provides a way to keep tabs on the balanced flow of human energy systems.

Each person can observe their relationship with money for awareness around potential energy leaks. Efforts to seal those leaks can lead to the building and growth of the physical and intuitive senses. Instinct can move beyond mere survival, expanding into higher states of consciousness. Taking responsibility for a major aspect of life builds greater self-awareness, increasing individual capacity to love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”
Kahlil Gibran

 Angel Whispers – The Spirituality of Money

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