Angel Whispers – Spontaneous Self-organization

This sounds like something we all need! (tee hee) This whisper came up after a young man who had experienced the Forsyth Crystal Light Table made reference to a science article that he said explains why the light table works. Self-organization is a process where some form of overall order arises from local interactions between parts of an initially disordered system. The process is spontaneous, not needing control by any external agent.

Chaos theory is a scientific term that applies predictability to systems that are inherently unpredictable. Science has observed spontaneous self-organization with the process of entrainment site the 1600’s. Observation doesn’t always explain the hows and whys, but instead provides evidence that is accepted by science as truth. Science and spirituality have found common ground in the proof offered by a Universe that vibrates in ways that are measurable, repeating, and changing under certain conditions.

Perhaps science is understanding what ancient civilizations already knew. The use of sound in chanting, drumming, instrumentation, and voicing can affect vibrations to create healing. Let’s get a whisper through self-organization of spirit communication:

The most unpredictable of all energy systems are found in those considered the most sensitive people, who experience life in complex ways. People who feel, sense, and know at deeper levels are more susceptible to changing conditions with regard to the various vibrations they encounter. Sensitive people often long for a simplified world, where unity and peace bring order to civilizations around the globe. World peace would offer vibrations that could bring a sensitive person to a more relaxed way of being.

Chaotic conditions offer an environment that can entrain a sensitive person to a disorganized flow of energy within several human energy systems. A perpetual state of anxiety can become a way of life for those with strong gifts related to their physical and non-physical senses. Sensory stimuli can create an overload in one or more systems. Large crowds, urbanization, technology, radiation, radio waves, and a constant bombardment of information have become a normal part of life on Earth. Anxiety is a sign of system overload, as are depressed human energy and fatigue; all represent compression or uneven distribution of vital life-force energy.

Positive reinforcement and stability come with understanding, knowledge, and the self-awareness required to experience spontaneous self-organization. Taking breaks from any environment that carries the conditions of sensory stimulation leads to better self-care and wellness. Meditation, listening to music, times of stillness, exercise, eating foods with high vibrations, and sleeping in an environment free from electronics offer freedom from the chaos. Each person must find ways to help their energy body systems self-organize.

Love is the energy that builds healthy human systems. Hatred is the energy that creates a disorganized or distorted flow of energy. Primary care of emotions that support the best living conditions is each person’s responsibility. Love yourself to manifest an organized flow of energy.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Open some space, and Spirit will certainly show up. Allow the magic of self-organization to work for you, and the complex adaptive system that we are will find its own power.”
― Harrison Owen

 Angel Whispers – Spontaneous Self-organization

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