Angel Whispers – Strategy

Spiritual counseling and coaching often involve helping clients form a strategy to address concerns and bring peace to challenging situations. Angels are brilliant in this area of guidance, and I mean radiantly brilliant (tee tee).

Strategy can be defined in several ways, such as creating a plan to achieve a goal under certain conditions such as unknown factors and limited resources. Strategies can evolve with the establishment of goals and corresponding action steps that include mobilization of a plan that involves executing a step-by-step process. Max Mckeown argues that “strategy is about shaping the future” and is the human attempt to get to “desirable ends with available means.” Dr. Vladimir Kvint defines strategy as “a system of finding, formulating, and developing a doctrine that will ensure long-term success if followed faithfully.”

I find that spirit often whispers information that can lead to forming strategies that combine grounded action steps, values aligned with the individual, and predictions of the highest potential ingredients for success. Let’s get a whisper on the subject of strategy:

Whenever one faces an issue that contains many possibilities for movement of the intended target, creating a strategy can stabilize the internal energy by bringing hope, faith, and courage to any situation. Peace comes with a plan that has taken a range of possibilities and current conditions into account. The need to research and collect information in order to create a strategy often brings new ideas and creative energy to the vision of success.

Without a strategy, one can feel stuck as they lose sight of the goal when the downward spiral of the unknown stops the forward momentum. Even when there is a moving target, a plan of action transforms the individual, team, or group into Zen archers with a steady aim. Human design includes an intelligence that delivers the ability to combine emotions, intuition, wisdom, purpose, and intent with a plan for success. 

Strategies can be channeled in a stream of consciousness removed from linear thinking that includes actions that may sometimes seem counterintuitive. The action steps required for the successful execution of a plan can include a mixture of values, a projection of conditions, and a mixture of activities that opposes those which have not been successful in the past. Realistic assessments are critical to the successful strategy that targets the response to issues most likely to occur, by predicting potential scenarios that contain the highest possibility of occurrence.        

The key to creating the best strategies comes from listening. Listen to body, for it knows what aligns. Listen to spirit for the illumination of the path. Listen to the heart for the power that accompanies the truth. Listen to the mind to know reality. Listen to others who are willing to share their views. Listen to the wind to hear nature’s voice. Listen for the past to hear the voice of experience. Listen to love to know the illuminated path. Listen to breath in order to be present.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

Can you define "plan" as "a loose sequence of manifestly inadequate observations and conjectures, held together by panic, indecision, and ignorance"? If so, it was a very good plan.” Jonathan Stroud

 Angel Whispers – Strategy

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