Angel Whispers – When Emotions Lie

Have you ever felt shame for no apparent reason? Do you ever have a surge of anger with no target for the emotion? Emotions are very powerful and important aspects of life. We can apply logic and reasoning to the ways we express ourselves. When emotions seem especially strong, they can alter behavior and responses in a way that mystifies and sometimes shocks the person feeling the strong urges.

The brain will assess every situation and send a signal that determines a reaction. The mind is appraising the moment to determine the response. This happens quickly and automatically. The consequence is an unconscious reaction that brings forward an emotion. Researchers who theorize that memory contributes most to our emotional responses to situations assume that we appraise events—both consciously and unconsciously—based on how closely the circumstance resembles past situations. (Clore & Ortony, 2008; LeDoux, 1996)

Spirit has led me to believe that sensitive people have a hyper-affective body memory of events from childhood. We evoke the memory in any situation perceived as similar to the original circumstances and conditions. Why can’t the memory surface and release instead of rearing its ugly head then retreating to the dark corners of my human dimensions (tee hee)? All emotions are not negative, but the darker ones get our attention. Let’s see what we can get from an angel who whispers in answer to my inquiry.

Emotions are energy from the heart that offer support to expressing a feeling. The body, mind, and soul system of energy has no reason to lie. The energy connected to feelings is there to guide, serve, and protect. A build-up of emotional debris can occur in those unable or unwilling to take responsibility for their lives.

Imprints from childhood can help in the formation of adaptations that lead to pathogenic beliefs. As a person matures, their beliefs can change with spiritual growth. When emotions influence maladaptive guidance, the individual can act out of alignment with their core values, core virtues, and core vibrations. This becomes the central point where the emotion begins to feel like a lie, because it’s no longer helpful or true to whom the person has become.

Transformation has occurred, but the emotional debris has not been purged. Yet the guidance can hold some truth by bringing to the surface awareness of the change that has taken place over time. Awareness is the first sign of healing from the past when a person answers the call to action. Taking responsibility means questioning the emotional response to determine alignment with one’s present level of growth. Awareness of a misalignment is the first sign of letting go.

Moving the energy is an essential aspect of human growth and can be achieved with a variety of measures. Any introduction of life-force energy can be targeted to the area where the energy channels have adapted to a way of being. Breathing love into the movement creates a connection to divinity. Dance, running, cycling, and any form of movement that includes intentional targeting of an imbalance can illuminate the bridge to balanced love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Emotions change how we see the world and how we interpret the actions of others. We do not seek to challenge why we are feeling a particular emotion; instead, we seek to confirm it.”
Paul Ekman

 Angel Whispers – When Emotions Lie

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