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Russell Forsyth services include a full range of healing modalities which include combining ancient and modern techniques for energy healing and soul-level changes through self-healing and intention setting.

Angel Readings

A session of using intuitive impressions to connect with a loving angelic source in order to receive messages of love based on your intentions. Angel Readings can include a complete energy assessment, realm information, health reading, energy balancing and a card reading. This service can be done by phone or in person, and everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session.

Forsyth Crystal Light Table©

A combination of energy movement techniques designed to clear blocks, bring focus to manifestation, move energy, balance the chakras, create new pathways for energy to move and help gain insights from intuitive impressions. Every session is based on your intended purpose and can last for two hours, which includes time on the crystal light bed followed by messages gained by intuitive impressions. Everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session. (in-person only)

Beckie's Soundbath Light Table

When Beckie plays the music of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, an experience of pure transcendence is created. The Alchemy Soundbath generally lasts just under an hour, making this an efficient as well as an extremely gentle and powerful healing session.

Crystal Release Therapy

Using the Vogel-Cut® Crystals and Dr. Marcel Vogel’s crystal release method, this session will utilize the combination of your own intuition, body talk and breath to create a totally unique, and sometimes intense, movement of energy through the body. This energy work is helpful in releasing blocks, letting go of old deep wounds, clearing unhealthy patterns, releasing addictions, balancing energy and clearing disharmony in the body. (in-person only)


The mentor sessions are deigned to compliment the teachings of the IEL Institute and those on the path to higher consciousness, whether in an established practice or for self growth. These sessions can be scheduled to coincide with your training sections from the IEL program, or can be used to enhance your individual plan for personal or spiritual growth. Helping to understand esoteric teachings, forming a detailed plan, and being coached through a learning process, falls under the category of mentorship sessions.

Spirit Release Therapy

This is a one-hour session dedicated to the phenomenon of spirit activity in your aura, or what might be perceived as a negative entity attachment.  Contact me to learn more about this condition and request a remote test to see if you are a candidate for Spirit Release Therapy . This service can be done by phone or in person and everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session.

Spiritual Counseling

This is a session tailored to your specific intentions, whether you are needing some grounded advice in any area of life or simply desiring some help with gaining more focus on your goals. The combination of experience and connection to spirit can provide the clarity that comes from brilliant perspectives that move energy toward success in the areas of business, career, love life, family matters and relationships. With a focus on future planning, goals, intentions, desires and motivation, you can come away with renewed energy and a road map to the future. This service can be done by phone or in person and everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session.

Soul Retrieval 

A soul retrieval session focuses on the phenomenon known as “soul fragmentation,” which affects 70-100% of our population according to experts in this field. Fragmentation occurs as a result of trauma that could be considered severe, or as subtle as a disapproving look from a loved one. Abuse, accidents, wartime exposure, out-of-body occurrences, the death of a loved one, terror with another human being and a host of other lifetime traumatic experiences can create the fragmentation. The process of a soul retrieval can help you feel more whole and bring clarity through resolution at a soul level. Watch the soul retrieval video to learn more about soul retrieval.

Remote Energy Assessment

Have you ever wondered what is the nature of an energetic imbalance? Are your challenges based on a disharmony that has unknown origin?  Do you feel resigned to treat the symptoms without getting the desired results?

Contact Russell by going to the contact page to make the request for a full energy assessment.  Provide a brief statement of your current issues and attach a selfie (self image) with your birthdate and current location.  Russell will perform a remote energy assessment. You can use the information to target the energy with your practitioner, medical professional, or to schedule an energy session with Russell or Beckie.

The suggested exchange for this service is $30, click the donate button on this site to make the donation prior to the assessment. In return, you will receive a written, or recorded account of the information obtained during the assessment. 

Remote Energy Healing

Remote energy healing is the process of shifting the energy of a person who is not in the same room. It can be done with people living in the same city or on the other side of the planet. The process involves remote viewing, which is assessing the energy to see what is causing a negative effect. The remote viewing allows for an assessment of energy to be done independent of the client, in order to have the proper focus on current needs.

Angel Therapy©, spirit release, chakra clearing, soul retrieval, future predictions and intentions can be achieved using a remote process. Remote energy can be a powerful method to use, in that you are not mixing energies between the client and the practitioner. 

Many remote sessions are done when the client is sleeping in order to allow for the most peaceful transformation of energy. In order to do remote work, Russell requests a photo and the permission of the person needing the service. 

You can contact Russell without waiting to get on the calendar. Russell will get to your request as time permits.

Phone or Skype Session-30min

A thirty-minute intuitive reading that brings messages addressing a few questions in order to gain insights in a particular area of life. This window of time should have a narrowed scope of intentions which could include energy work. Everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session.

Phone or Skype Session-60min

A sixty-minute session could include almost any service, such as an angel reading, spirit release, soul retrieval, meditation, or spiritual coaching or counseling. These services usually include energy assessment and balancing, intuitive impressions, teaching, toning, or any guided direction that might manifest from your intentions. Everyone who wishes will receive a recording of the audio portion of the session.

Burning Question-(via email)

Everyone can experience the need for an answer to question that is burning inside. With a moment of clarity that comes with a simple answer, grounding, peace, and action steps become more clear. The burning question is not a full reading, it is simply a brief communication in response to your need to get an answer. Go to the contact page to make the request, and be sure to include your burning question. You can expect an answer within a few business days. If Russell is out of town and unable to respond with a few days, you will get a notification.

The suggested exchange for this type of service is $30.  You can use the "Donate" button to make the donation prior to receiving the service. In return, you will receive a written, or recorded account of the information obtained in response to your burning question.

Community Light Table

The Community Table offers an opportunity for anyone to experience the Forsyth Crystal Light
Table. A facilitator will assist you in charging your crystal with any intention you bring.  You will then be left alone for a personal experience in the privacy of a dedicated space. The one hour session offers a 45 minute recorded experience that includes a meditation and the sounds of singing bowls.  Create your personal experience for energy balancing, chakra clearing, stress reduction, and energy movement based on your intentions.
The recordings used during these sessions have been infused for healing and wellness, and offer a powerful transmission of
energy during a Community Light Table session. Russell and Beckie have been using this method for years to reboot the nervous system and clear away the residue of life’s challenges. This type of session offers a personal experience free of intuitive reading or assessment by a practitioner, as a way to accept your personal power and create your own healing in a private setting. 
Energy Exchange is determined by what value you feel you received and your current financial situation.